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Our Story

Dr. Romeo Brooks, a firefighter for 32 years, founded Roots Nutrition following the loss of his mother, father and 3 of his siblings to obesity and diabetes. Fueled by a determination to combat the diseases that deeply affected his family, Dr. Brooks explored natural pathology, becoming an ND. From this journey, he founded Roots Nutrition, crafting our unique, highly effective weight loss and nutritional supplements made with raw, organic, whole food ingredients.

While many other brands use fillers, artificial sugars, and synthetic components that the body can't process as food, Dr. Brooks' focus is on providing you with genuine nutrition to treat the whole body. We're dedicated to addressing not just specific areas of need, but also any deficiencies, ensuring you get the best care from the inside out.

Our Commitment

The body, because of its inherent intelligence possesses above all things the intention, purpose and desire to maintain itself in balance and harmony. It is in our best interest to support this effort in the most natural way possible. Our mission is to assist those who wish to follow this path.

Our purpose is to disclose the true nature and purpose of disease, its root cause and its varied manifestations. From time immemorial to present day man has viewed disease and its processes within the human body as something illusive, mysterious and somewhat magical. It is no wonder that we continue to create so called "cures" for something we do not understand, cannot figure out or truly grasp.

We imagine that one day even a shot in the dark might hit the target. The problem with this approach is that you will never know when you hit the target because it is in the dark. As long as we look for the answers in the darkness the answers that stand clearly in the bright and shining light of day will never be found.

To remove the cause of disease would be the logical conclusion for anyone looking to eradicate the effects of disease. So what remains for us is to define the cause and eliminate it.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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1210 N. La Brea Ave Inglewood,CA 90302

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