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Meet Dr. Romeo Brooks

As a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for over 32 years. Dr. Romeo Brooks has seen an overwhelming amount of unnecessary pain and suffering. His quest for knowledge in the field of health was initiated after his father passed from emphysema and his mother from a blocked intestine and kidney failure. As a result Dr. Brooks studied to become an Iridologist, Natural Hygienist, Herbalist and earned a Ph.D. in Naturopathic Medicine.

To further his quest to bring health and wholeness to the public, he created a line of extraordinary natural wellness products available through Roots Nutrition & Fitness, in store in Inglewood, CA and online to the world. A native of Los Angeles, Dr. Brooks studied at the Herbal Healing Academy in Mountain View, Arkansas and California State University, Los Angeles as well as Southern California College in Costa Mesa. He has also studied with many of the top names in Holistic Healing.

Dynamic and filled with passion to share with his revolutionary concepts on health and well being, Dr. Brooks is a successful and in-demand speaker. From large conferences to small church groups, Dr. Brooks challenges audiences' traditional thinking on medicine and is continually honored by feedback on surveys that show he leaves his listeners wanting more. God-centered and humble, Dr. Brooks is interested in sharing his message about attaining and sustaining good health through the churches. He guides efforts of churches to create viable health ministries so that the "living sacrifice" we present to God is a healthy temple, not a toxic and disease-ridden body.

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