Roots Weight Loss Competition:

Win a 2 nights and 2 days Roots Weekend Retreat in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, Ca. for you and a guest. The top 4 customers with the greatest weight and body mass loss will enjoy a fun filled, informative, yet relaxing weekend hosted by Dr. Brooks himself. 

Competition start date : September 17- October 31.

Weigh in window: September 17- October 1st

Final Measurements window: October 17-31. 

Note: contestants must submit their final weigh-in 30 days after their initial weigh-in. 

Competition Rules:

All competitors must:

  • Purchase Roots Power Cleansers and Roots Power Greens. Competitors may also purchase the power metabolizers, circulators, and other products that aid in healthy weight loss. 
  • Weigh in within the first 2 weeks of the competition ( September 17- October 1st) during the weigh in window. They must submit their final measurements 30 days after the initial weigh-in within the last 2 weeks of the competition (October 17- October 31) during the 2 week “weigh out” window. 
  • Take measurements (arms, legs, chest, hips)
  • Take body fat composition analysis 
  • Take before and after pictures wearing form fitting workout gear (front, side, and back view)
  • Fill out and submit all required forms: Competition entry form, release of liability form, multimedia disclosure form, body composition form (pre and post weigh in)
  • Submit a 15-30 second clip saying why they joined the Roots Weigh Loss Competition (to be submitted at the start of the competition)
  • Submit a 15-30 second clip at the close of the competition saying how much weight, clothes size, or body fat they lost and how they feel physically.

Weigh in options 

  • Come to Roots to get your weight, measurements, body fat analysis, and pictures at  the start and end of the competition.
  • Take a clear, non-doctored video of yourself being weighed and measured, receiving body fat analysis, and taking before and after pictures wearing the required clothing . Note: any measurements that appear fudged will be disqualified. Submit the video, pictures, and measurement form within the two-week weigh in and weigh out window 

Make it a team effort:

Competitors are encouraged to join the weight loss competition with other family, friends, coworkers, etc to form weight loss teams. Special perks if all 4 winners are from the same team!

Criteria for “Winning”:

Winning the competition will be based on weight, size, and fat lost. This will help account for the scale variations that occur with fat lost and muscle gain. 

The Prize: Roots Weekend Retreat 

During their weekend retreat, the top 4 weight loss winners will receive:

  • A free one-on-one consultation with Dr. Brooks a value of $150
  • A free group conference with Dr. Brooks and the other winners.
  • A meal plan for adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle a $100 value. 
  • Complementary breakfast Saturday and Sunday.
  • A trip to Tavern Bay private beach club.

Room Selections:

There are 4 total rooms for winners to choose from. 

  • The top weight loss winner will have his/her top choice of the 4 available rooms selections to share with 2-3 of his/her friends or family members.
  • The 2nd runner up will have the second choice in the room selection to share with 1-2 of his/her friends and family. 
  • The 3rd runner up will have the third choice in room selections to share with 1 other friend or family.
  • The 4th runner up will take the last remaining room to share with 1 friend or family member.
  • If all 4 winners are from the same team, the winners have the option of turning the retreat into a friends/family getaway with up to 16 total people in attendance, not including children 2 and below.

Room choices:

Room 1 Master Suite: Queen bed with full sofa bed and private bath.

Room 2 White room: 3 twin beds (shared bath)

Room 3 Brown room: 2 twin beds (shared bath)

Room 4 Loft: 1 full bed (shared bath)

Extra Perks: 

  • All contestants will receive a 5% discount on other Roots products during the two entry window (September 17-October 31).

  • All customers entering the competition will receive a 5% discount on their first Roots Nutrition trampoline class. Come bounce away fat and build lean muscle! It only takes 3 days a week to see results. Sign up today and increase your chances of winning.
  • Competitors are encouraged to join the weight loss competition with other family, friends, coworkers, etc to form weight loss teams. Special perks if all 4 winners are from the same team!

Weight Loss Forms

(will be as google forms documents on Roots Weight Loss Competition Facebook page)

  • Entry form
  • Release of liability 
  • Multimedia release form
  • Body Measurements form

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