jump Rope Boot Camp

Only $40 FOR 12 SESSIONS!
Choose any 12 sessions to fit your schedule
3 days a week minimum
Expires 30 days from your selected start date.

Map and Directions

Our Timing

    Morning Schedule:

    • Tuesday & Thursday > 5:30AM F.I.T CLass
    • Saturday > 9:00AM F.I.T Class

    Evening Schedule:

    • Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday > 6:00pm F.I.T Class
    • Wednesday > 6:00pm Yoga Class

    Classes are Co-ed, for Men & Women Jump at your own pace Classes are On-going, begin at any time. jumprope Bring a jumprope, rent for $1 per class or Buy our recommended weighted rope. $15

JumpRope Bootcamp

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