Fun Interval Training

The most complete, balanced and personal workout available. This workout will effectively and efficiently provide benefits in cardio, strength, and flexibility in a fun way. These one hour sessions include Circuit Training, Jump Roping, and various drills. Our trainer will assist you at your fitness level and encourage advancement.

  • Lose 10 inches or more in just 4 weeks
  • Build muscle and burn fat simultaneously
  • Eliminate cellulite and unsightly fat
  • Increase cardio, strength, flexibility, and speed in one workout
  • FREE Body Fat Analysis:
    *Measures Body Fat %, Body Water %, Muscle Mass, Bones Mass, Metabolic Rate and Metabolic Age


  • Monday - Thursday > 6:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Membership: $40/ 12 Sessions or $50/ Unlimited
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Clear Gardens Yoga starts their residency at Roots Nutrition. Find out more information about Clear Gardens Yoga and the class schedule by clicking on the links below.
Clear Gardens Yoga with Salena

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JumpRope Bootcamp
JumpRope Bootcamp